Coffee Talk with Lana and Rain: Neurographica and beyond...

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Welcome to the World o Neurographica - the revolutionary transformational Art method that helps you transform stress and fear into an amazing work of art. NeuroGraphic Art is a way to allow a person to transform one’s stress and fear by drawing freeform lines and then later using a specific algorithm to transform the stress into a beautiful work of art. This video explains the basic steps and elements of making NeuroGraphic Art.

Neurographica, a new Transformational Art Method that is used by art therapists, psychologists, coaches, healers, and other practitioners in the field of sociology, psychology, and other therapeutic practices.

Therapists from all over Europe have been using Neurographica to help their clients, students, as well as friends, and families to get from the condition of helplessness into the condition of power and confidence.

Neurographica is finally here in the US and we welcome you to come and discover this magical tool!

Join the Basics in Neurographica Course and learn how to use this amazing technique in your personal and professional life:

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Neurographica was created by Pavel Piskarev, Ph. D. who founded the practice of Neurographica, schematized it, and founded an Institute of Psychology of Creativity that certifies Official Instructors and Coaches in Neurographica.

As a Certified Instructor and Coach of Neurographica, I am very happy to present to you what Neurographica is and how it can be beneficial to you in your professional and personal life.

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Enjoy the Magic!
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